April 29, 2010


KFC and Komen - What the Cluck? (Take action now!)


(NaturalNews) We've exposed the marketing fraud behind the Susan G. Komen "Buckets For the Cure" sham and we've satirized it with a hilarious online video and lots of editorial, but today it's time to take action to let Susan G. Komen know their pinkwashing campaign has gone too far.

To help us accomplish this, we've teamed up with Breast Cancer Action (www.BCaction.org), which is one of the very few honest non-profits out there. Barbara Brenner, the executive director of Breast Cancer Action, said this about Komen for the Cure: "This [partnership with KFC] will keep them in business for years. They talk about a cure, but this partnership will create more breast cancer. And Komen knows this."

April 8, 2010

Dunia seni..

Cuma gerhana..tak lama dah tu..islam dipersada

Tak pernah serik dgn apa yang dikata.
Itulah manusia.Hidup dlm angan2nya.Lupa tentang impian dan cita2.

Kadang2, salah berkongsi idea.Tapi ini idea,idea otai punya.Idea perintis,pejuang,bkn petualang.Bkn calang2.Inilah kata2 al-Banna dalam kotak pemikirannya tentang pemuda.Mungkin anda,saya,kita atau mereka..4 rukun pemuda

April 2, 2010

~MilK n PrAyS.....

A young man had been to Wednesday Night Class of Quranic Studies. The Mualim had shared about listening to Allah and obeying Allah through intuition.  
The young man couldn't help but wonder, 'Does Allah still speak to people through intuition?'

After Lessons, he went out with some friends for coffee and pie and they discussed the message. Several different ones talked about how Allah had led them in different ways and that at the end you'll know it was Allah(SWT) Who has directed you.