January 18, 2010

Back with our young english friend (KhaleeD)

"Can't you guys even be thankful?!"

that's how I remembered our day started. Abang Khairul was a little piss off with the issue of yesterdays comment. He was mad to all of the boy's (including myself, I presume). He said that even after three weeks in MH-i some of us might not have change for the better.

Continuing with yesterdays "Challenges during University". Abang Khairul went on with us. He asked us to write down on a piece of paper on what was our weakness and strengths when facing these type of challenges.

While we wrote down them, Abang Khairul went on with his experience during the university moments. There were the matrices institution, institutions as starting points for students before entering the real university. I remembered him saying how we could get monthly salaries just by performing well in our studies. (maybe in like RM 1ooo to RM2000, that's a lot of money)

There were also the university moments, some of us he said would have to find our own place to settle down during university. He gave us tactics, advices and bonus information on what to do during those hard harsh times. (Bless Abang Khairul)

After a long emotional and invaluable moment about the university days, Abang Khaitul asked us to make sure of ourselves to be able to make that change when the time comes, you can't stay pampered for the rest of your life.

Continuing with the next slot which was the "importance of Tarbiyah" given by Abang Moja.
What I currently remembered was watching how he explained firewalls and how they work and protect the computer from unwanted intrusion (although I never knew why).

The importance of Tarbiyah was actually to prevent unwanted ideas from clinging towards our mind and our soul. It acts as a filter for unwanted information. Everybody has heardbthe simple idiom:
"Al wiqayah khairu minal i'laj"
Prevention is better than cure

We need to constantly remind ourselves with the rules and regulations Allah has put forth on us. Indeed we will be a blind ummat, witthout the remembrance and guidance from Allah.
What I could easily summarize was that, whether we like it or not, we are just human beings, and as human nature, we tend to forget things even if we don't. So we need to constantly remind ourselves or in other words "Tarbiyah".

Sometimes we say to ourselves that we could remember everything, but actually that's just one heck of a lie, because that couldn't possibly come true. Even Einstein had a hard time remembering the names of his relatives. We cannot be to egoistic with ourselves that we would blindly go through this world and be gone with it.

Just like early this morning's issue, whereby almost the majority of the ikhwah didn't like the cooking of the akhwat. Some of us tend to forget that MH-i isn't actually the perfect place, but the place to create perfection. It's alright if there were some dark spots here and there (although I wouldn't recommend it should be continued), because that's how we start our life. Didn't All ah said in the holy Qur'an that we start our life in the dark and blind and so Allah gave us guidance and light, and then Allah could easily blind us again. It's all about egoism.

I believe that if we all put our ego aside and remind one another, the world insyaallah would be a better, happier place. Amin.............................


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